Kilifi residents decry delayed compensation over wildlife attacks

Hippos huddled in an evaporating puddle PHOTO file

More than 400 residents from Sabaki ward in Magarini, Kilifi County, are up in arms over delays in compensation over wildlife attacks.

Led by Sidi Mzungu whose husband was killed by a hippo, says it has been difficult for them to get compensation.

“My husband was killed by a hippo in our homestead in 2017. Up to now, I struggle to educate my children with no help from KWS”, she lamented.

The victims, some of whom are farmers, say they continue to incur huge losses after their crops were also destroyed by the animals.

“I used sh. 30,000 to plant maize on my farm but all went to waste when the hippos destroyed my crops. I filled a compensation form but up to date, I have never received even a cent”, said another local.

Safari Kadenge, a local elder in Moi area, has accused the local Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers of failing to address the issue in a timely manner.

“People are being killed by hippos. Families are being torn apart with little help. Some families are waiting for compensation five years down the line”, he said.

However, KWS Malindi warden Jane Gitau said the names of the victims have already been submitted in Nairobi for compensation.