Lamu County to tap River Tana water

Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha. The governor plans on tappinh into the waters of River Tana to provide fresh water for the county./COURTESY

Lamu County government has initiated plans to channel water from River Tana from the county of Tana River to Lamu county in order to be used by residents, hospitals and all public places.

According to Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha, they must stock enough water now that Lamu residents have been struggling to have enough for usage.

“Our ambition is to bring water from  River Tana because the water is channeled to Indian ocean for no use. If we can manage to channel water to Lamu county then our people will have plenty of water for use,” said Governor Twaha.

The Governor also believes that the move will absolutely add the county’s population as there would be enough water.

Lamu County, has long been plagued with water problems. The population used traditional means of collecting rain or water from well with no success.