Poverty to blame for teenage pregnancies in Magarini

A photo of a pregnant school girl./COURTESY

Poverty has led to increased cases of teenage pregnancies in Garashi village in Magarini constituency, Kilifi County.

According to the area chief Ndundi Chula, girls from poor families are easily lured to pre-marital sex escapades leading to them getting pregnant since most of them cannot even afford basic needs.

“These girls need basic items such as sanitary pads which most families cannot afford hence, they go out to have sex with men in order to afford things like pads”, he said.

According to Chula, cases of sexually transmitted diseases are also on the rise in the village due to increased sexual activities among teenagers.

“ A hungry girl will easily be lured to have sex for food and end up getting pregnant and contracting STIs ’, he added.

He called on the government and locals NGO’s to come to the aid of teenage girls in the village and offer them sanitary pads and other amenities to curb the vice.

The administrator also challenged the local community to safeguard the girl child to curb rise in teenage pregnancies.

“Parents should also advice their daughters to keep off bad company which exerts pressure on them to engage in sexual escapades just to fit it especially now that schools are closed for a long period”, he stated.