Four legged chick surprises Busia farmer

A farmer carries the chick with four legs./Hillary Makokha

A chick in Busia County made sure it’s entrance to the world is remembered after hatching out of his shell with four legs.

Nicodemus Ouma a farmer in Siroba village in Marayos Sub County within Busia said that he had never seen a chick with four legs and four fingers since he started breeding the birds.

“Despite many years I have raised hens in my farm this has never happened to my farm, this particular hen I have kept it for two years and it hatched last night,” said Ouma.

According to zoology experts research we establish that anomaly is called polymedia where a creature or a human being is born with multiple limbs and could be the results of parasitic twin.

Ouma now want the ministry of Agriculture officials to visit his farm in Busia and try to find out an answer to the several questions in his mind.

Such incidents have been reported in other countries.