Murders linked to witchcraft in Kwale shocks residents

A photo of Kaya Kinondo.

Villagers, at Bang’a, Mbuguni location, Kwale county are living in fear after two people were murdered accused of being witches.

The victims all being elderly men were accused of witchcraft and were hacked and burnt to death.

The latest victim is a 68-year-old Madziko Julo Lele, who was killed last week Thursday and will be buried today Monday.

According to the chairman of the area community policing Ndeme Mung’aro, their attempts to dispel myths about witchcraft have not been helpful despite even involving the police.

“People are killed because of the allegations of witchcraft now and again of which no investigations are carried out”, he alleges

He says witchcraft allegations have ripped families apart in Kwale with accusations and counter accusations against one another.

 “Families are in crisis; some have been exposed to domestic violence and broken marriages because of a wife or a husband suspecting one other of witchcraft. Father’s are killed like mzee Julo now. We need urgent intervention from government.” He said.

Such incidences are more rampant in Kilifi, Lamu and now Kwale counties with suspects who are often elderly people being isolated and forced to seek for refuge in forests.

The chairman alleged police did not act despite the deceased reporting threats to his life and even recording a statement under OB.21/11/02/2020.


Another resident, Mwachidudu Mwaphengo feels he’s the next victim. Speaking with lots of concern, he says his life is in danger because the threats involved him and the late.

He urges the government to protect him from the perpetrators before he is killed.

Matuga sub-county police commander, Francis Nguli, confirmed the incident .

Two machetes, rungu, a bunch of bananas and a container suspected to have been used to carry petrol were recovered at the scene.