5,000 teenage girls in Malindi to benefit from sanitary pads

About 5,000 teenage girls are set to benefit from a donation of pads and panties from Karisa Foundation./COURTESY

At least 5,000 teenage girls from Malindi will be receiving sanitary towels and panty donations from a Malindi based Foundation.

According to the Karisa Foundation, the donations will give the girls’ access to sanitary pads hence also curb teenage pregnancies from cases of sex for money to buy pads.

Speaking during the launch of the program, Kenneth Karisa Mulewa, the Founder of Karisa Foundation, said many girls in the grassroots are suffering in silence and require support for them to acquire sanitary towels, saying many of them engage in early sexual behaviors which put them at risk of early pregnancies.

He said the government had a program to provide the sanitary towels in school but since the COVID 19 pandemic the girls are unable to access them.

”Pads are not being given for free if we can get free pads from the government it would be an excellent awesome thing,” he said.

The foundation has identified 200 Muslim girls who will be the first beneficiaries to allow them access to these necessities during this pandemic.

”We decided to go to the community to reward them specifically with the sanitary pads and panties individually, we decided to celebrate it, launch it give them the presents then go door to door during this pandemic time with our volunteers,” he said.

Penina Mweni Chairperson Karisa Foundation said the initiative was meant to address the problem of teenage pregnancies.

”Some girls are orphans, some are being brought up by single mothers and others have parents who cannot afford to buy the pads,” she said.


According to Penina, they toured Sosobora, Langobaya, and Chakama and found out that girls had no panties leave alone the sanitary pads.

At the end of the program, she said they will come up with another one for the boy child to help prevent them in engaging in drug abuse at a young age.