Kajembe family tells off Mutahi kagwe for linking brother to their parents death

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

The family of ex-Changamwe Mp Ramadhan Kajembe have told off Health CS Mutahi Kagwe for linking their brother to the deaths of their parents .

Speaking from their Mikindani home, the family insists their brother who tested positive for COVID-19 isolated himself at a Mombasa hospital and did not mingle with his parents who died recently from suspected COVID-19.

” Our brother did not go back home to our parents .The same can be confirmed from the certificates issued”, said Harun kajembe, son to the late Mp.

The family now wants Kagwe to resign from his position for what they termed he is incompetent.

” How can you claim my brother killed my parents?, its corona that killed my parents not my brother. infact its the government that brought corona by allowing flights in the country”, said Kajembe’s daughter, Fatuma.

” Mutahi Kagwe Kenyans are tired with the numbers you annouce everyday.Tell us what plans do you have to defeat corona?’, she posed.

She further told off Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko for spreading the same allegations about her brother.

” Leave us to mournour parents in peace. Their statement together with governor Sonko is hurting our family.”, she added.

She accused Sonko of posting unfounded allegations against her brother.

“Its the pandemic that killed my parents and that pandemic was brought by the government not my brother.Let them stop accusing my brother”, they said.

Kajembe was buried last Saturday at Kwashee family cemetery in Mikindani,Mombasa County.