Kaya elders living in fear of attacks at their door less sanctuary

A photo of Kaya Kinondo.

Kaya elders in Malindi are living in fear of their lives in a sanctuary that neither has doors nor security wall.

The sanctuary in Moi area houses many elders who escaped lynching on allegations of being witches.

Led by Safari Nyoka, they said they need a security wall as their houses have no doors to make them feel safe.

They called on the County government of Kilifi to construct a wall in the center for their personal security.

“We seek help to safeguard our lives. some of us ran away from our homes for fears of being killed”, he said.

Malindi District Cultural Association founder Kiraga Hare urged human rights groups to intervene and offer assistance to the elderly facing attacks in the region.

According to kiraga, the elderly also needs care and protection during their sunset years.

“They are also humans and needs help. Some are displaced after they were disowned by their own families hence have nowhere to go’, he stated.

Incidents of elderly people especially with grey hair being killed in coast have been rampant.

They are often accused of witchcraft even by their own family members forcing them to run away to seek refuge elsewhere.