Kilifi Woman seeks help over police bullet lodged in her backside


A woman in Gede- Watamu, Kilifi County is seeking help to remove a stray bullet lodged in her backside.

According to Ms. Mary Bahati, a vegetable vendor, the bullet was fired by police officers from Gede police station who were chasing after a suspected thief six month ago.

She says the police officers on motorcycle started shooting towards the suspect who was running past her stall when the bullet hit her.

“I was seated in my place of business when suddenly police officers in motorcycles started shooting. I felt a sharp pain in my backside” she says.

Ms. Bahati says the bullet is still logged in her backside which prevents her from carrying out her normal duties due to the excruciating pain she experiences .

“I was admitted at Coast General Hospital in Mombasa but the doctors could not locate the bullet hole and I was later discharged after 19 days. Up to date, I still feel pain’, she revealed.

Her neighbour Zosi Kombe wants the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to ensure Ms. Bahati gets justice.

“Mutyambai should ensure police take responsibility and ensure she gets treatment and the bullet lodged in her body removed”, she said.