Third fire razes Tsavo national parks in less than a month

A photo of the aftermath of the June 29th fire in the Tsavo East National park. A fire is currently razing down Tsavo and Chyulu national parks PHOTO COURTESY

A razing fire is currently destroying thousands of acres of grassland and bushland at the  Tsavo west national park.

The fire that began on Wednesday evening spread from the neighboring Tsavo East National park according to a press release from the Kenya Wildlife Service.

“The third fire broke out in the Kikundu part of the Chyulu national park at 7.30 pm last evening and is also being fought by teams” The service said in a statement on Thursday.

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Videos posted online by motorists driving through the Voi-Taveta road showed the huge fire razing down acres of vegetation.

An alert posted by road safety tracking app  Kenyan traffic urged motorists driving along the road which is a wildlife corridor to be wary of wildlife crossing the road when fleeing the fire.

The KWS said that the fire had started at the neighboring Taita hills ranchesAND even though the cause of the fire has not been established; this is the third fire to be reported in the parks in less than a month.

On 29th June, a raging fire razed down thousands of acres of grassland in the Tsavo east national park near Voi town.

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Three days later on 2nd July, yet another fire razed the neighboring Tsavo West national park before it was put off with assistance from KDF officers.

In March, yet another fire razed down acres of vegetation in the Tsavo East national park.

According to the service, the fire began after a fire lit by a boy to burn garbage in Lebanon village ran out of control and spread into the park.