Sakaja resigns from COVID-19 senate committee after weekend drama

Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja who is set to pay 15,000 over flouting COVID-19 rules PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has resigned from the senate chair of the COVID-19 response committee.

Addressing journalists in Nairobi Sakaja, said that his decision rides on allegations leveled against him about flouting health safety rules related to COVID-19.

The Senator said that he might have broke COVID-19 regulations at Ladies Lounge in Nairobi.

“I take full responsibility for having flouted COVID-19 rules on Friday. I was outside my home after 9 pm and that is against the [COVID-19] rules.”Sakaja said

: It is regrettable but all of us make mistakes.” He added.

However on Monday, at Kilimani police station in Nairobi, the lawmaker said that he was arrested and was neither charged nor booked upon his arrest but the officers told him to leave.

The senator was granted police bond on Saturday morning and he was to come back later for processing of arraignment.

During the weekend the police officers sought him to record a statement on claims of incitement and breaking curfew after his arrest in a club on Friday night.

Sakaja reportedly was at  Kilimani police station with his lawyers Mutula Kilonzo and John Khaminwa and is anticipated in court.

The development comes as reports indicate Coronavirus cases are exponentially surging in the country hitting 13,353 cases.