Why late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore’s ashes were spread in Kwale County

Late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore and his wife Wambui Kamiru Collymore PHOTO COURTESY

Late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore’s ashes were spread out in the Indian ocean.

This is according to his wife Wambui Kamiru-Collymore.

Wambui who spoke during the first anniversary of his death said that the ashes were spread in Diani, Kwale county because it was his favorite place in Kenya.

“Bob’s ashes were deposited into the sea in Diani. Diani was his favorite beach in the whole world, so we thought it best to put his ashes in the sea there; so that no matter where any of us, his family or friends, are in the world, as long as you are near or out at sea, then you are in the presence of where his remains are,” she said.

The late Safaricom CEO who succumbed to acute myeloid cancer was cremated at a private function at the Kariokor cemetery in Nairobi.

The hearse carrying his remains had earlier left the Lee funeral home.

A day later, a memorial service for the Guyanese born British businessman was held at the All Saints Cathedral.

Wambui has revealed that even though she has learned to live with the death of her husband, she briefly lost her sense of smell to grief.

“In grief, any number of things can happen. You can lose your sense of memory; your eyesight can be blurred. Grief is a chemical reaction in your body and it has a chemical effect on your senses, and so, for me, it was my sense of smell – which was an indicator of the magnitude of the trauma of death,” she added.

Last week, Bob’s friends who include the KCB CEO Joshua Oigara, journalist Jeff Kionange, Radio Africa CEO Patrick Quarco went to check on Wambui during Bob’s anniversary.