Kirinyaga senator opposes formation of committee to decide Waiguru’s fate

Kirinyaga senator Charles Kibiru who has opposed the formation of an 11 member commitee to decide Waiguru's fate PHOTO COURTESY

Kirinyaga senator Charles Kibiru has opposed the formation of an 11 member committee to oversee the impeachment bid against Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

Kibiru said he will seek the senate to amend standing orders so that impeachment affecting governors can be tackled by a whole house.

Kibiru said that it is improper for the senate select committee to undertake the responsibility of hearing the impeachment process which might lead to suspicion.

“Presently when an 11 member select committee is set up to hear and determine an impeachment, it is subject to manipulation,”Kibiru said

He said that he was opposed to the 11-man select committee appointed by the House Chief Whip Irungu Kangata to hear and determine governor Waiguru’s impeachment.

“When 11 out of the 47 Senators lock themselves in a room to determine the fate of a county governor, anything is possible,” Kibiru said

“I am going to table a motion to reverse this abnormality soonest possible,” he added.

Waiguru underwent a political storm when 23 MCAs out of 33 ward representatives voted for her ouster.