No penny for Azziad as Femi One celebrates Utawezana’s 5 million views

Femi One and Azziad Nasenya PHOTO COURTESY

Femi One has come out to explain why Tik Tok user Azziad Naisenya gets no penny for Utawezana hit as it hits 5 million views.

The debate came up after a fan asked what the 19-year-old Azziad gets for her contribution after she did the Utawezana challenge which went viral giving Femi One featuring Mejja’s utawazena a milage.

 “I hope Azziad received some sort of payment for her efforts,” wrote a user by the name Raphmckers.

In response, Femi One noted that Utawezana was already trending on Tiktok and Azziad did the challenge just like any other TikTok user just that she was lucky to win the heart of many with her moves and infectious smile and it trended.

“The song was already trending on Tik Tok and that is why she did the challenge because she came across it,” responded Femi One.

Azziad’s utawezana challenge yielded both negative and positive energy. On the negative side, the 3rd year student of mass communication met the wrath of online users who trolled her something she came out to say was not easy to deal with. On the positive side, the challenger bagged her a job as a TV host in a local station.

Despite Utawezana doing well, Kenya Film Classifications Board Boss, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua termed the song as immoral and perverted barred from being aired by media houses during the watershed time.

The directive by Dr.Ezekiel Mutua saw Media station TV47 recently get on the wrong side of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) after airing utawezana which according to CA went against the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998 that prohibits the display of sexually explicit words during watershed periods.

“The offensive content is a song by Femi one and Mejja dubbed, Utawezana with sexually explicit lyrics. The song played on your station on 11th April 2020 at 10:06 am,” read part of the letter from CA.