Turkish Investor feeds 2000 families in Kilifi amid lockdown over COVID-19


Aisha Makenzi has been among more than 2000 frequent visitors at Elsek Group of Companies offices in Kikambala , Kilifi County every week, since the beginning of partial lockdown declared by the Government early last month over novel corona virus pandemic.

She is among members of families currently benefiting from donations of food stuffs, sanitizers and free water from Osman , a renown foreign investor and philanthropist in Kilifi and Mombasa counties.

Kilifi and Mombasa were among three counties in Coast region hit by partial lockdown following an abrupt rise in number of cases of people who tested positive for COVID-19.

Aisha , 46 was seen on a Friday morning happily leaving the company’s 8.5 acre luxurious compound while carrying with her a heavy green paper bag parked with assorted food stuffs. It’s a weekly donation to vulnerable residents struggling to survive during this fragile crisis.

“I’m happy and my family is also happy to have this kind of free food at this hard time of Corona-Virus. We thank Osman for all this gesture because we can now stay home to avoid contracting coronavirus,” she told Baraka FM when it caught up with her few meters from the company gate.

Mr. Rajab Bilongo, 50, also received their donation of foodstuffs which several packets of Maize Flour , a 2kg packet of rice, a bottle of cooking oil, assorted handwashing soap and sanitizers.


Bilongo was a plumber who was contracted to lay a 1.7km pipes supplying free water from Osman’s home to five water points that are currently used by residents to wash their hands.

The investor had drilled several boreholes in his compound, running along the road leading to Sun ‘n’ Sand Beach Hotel. The residents can now easily access at least half a million liters of water pumped from the boreholes to their neighborhoods every day.

Mr. Osman said the donations was to cushion the vulnerable residents from adverse effects of COVID-19 and ensure they live a normal life as they stick to health safety precautions recommended by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO).

“My main aim in all this activities is to see my neighborhoods who happen to be good  residents of this area live a happy and healthier life during this pandemic. ” Osman said as he continued to assist his support staff in giving out more donations to a dozen of residents who had turned up on a Monday to pick their stuff.

The company owned by Turkish tycoon and CEO Elsek Osman that deals with mega constructions and consultancy services has  designated an office specifically for manufacturing locally made sanitizers and face masks distributed freely along with food to the residents on a weekly basis.