Mombasa county faulted over ‘failed’ lock-down food distribution

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho inspects food meant for distribution PHOTO COURTESY

The spread of the deadly coronavirus in Mombasa county is likely is continue increasing over the failed implementation of a food distribution program announced earlier by the county government, a local civil rights group, said on Thursday.

In efforts to curb the virus spread by keeping people at home, the county government said it had committed 200 million shillings to provide at least 220,000 needy families with food within the county.

But Haki Yetu, a Mombasa based organization, said the food distribution program had failed, forcing people to go out in search of food, and risking further spread of the virus.

“Families were registered, hopes were raised and volunteers recruited, yet up to now only 2,000 families in Nyali constituency have benefited,”Gabriel Dolan, Haki Yetu’s executive director, said in a statement.

Dolan claimed the county had food for only 70,000 people but had not communicated this including how the beneficiaries would be selected.

“Frustrated and hungry citizens are no longer staying at home as business and traffic in Mombasa is almost back to normal figures prior to the pandemic,” said Dolan.

“The governor has expressed his desire to have a complete lockdown but this is impossible without the implementation of his own feeding program,” Dolan adds.

Mombasa continues to register a consistent increase in COVID-19 infections, despite the prevailing dusk-to-dawn curfew, and the restricted movement between counties.