Civil servants might miss salaries over COVID-19, Catholic Priest warns

Reverend Fr. Willybard Lagho (left) with Mombasa Arcbishop Martin Kivuka and JCC Bishop Wilfred Lai (right) in a past function. PHOTO: file

There are fears the government might soon run out of money to pay salaries to civil servants and security forces beginning May if the COVID-19 pandemic stretches for months.

Mombasa Catholic church vicar General Rev Fr. Willybard Lagho says the governmet must develop a return to work strategy to rescue the economy.

Lagho says Kenya Revenue Authority has not collected sufficient tax in April to run the government.

“Do you know how much KRA collected as tax in April?’, he posed.

Most businesses closed shop while others went under following the order issued by president Uhuru Kenyatta for employees to be allowed to work from home following the coronavirus outbreak.

He further urged Kenyans to avoid stigma on patients of COVID-19 who heal and join the society.

” We must work on stigma reduction, delink coronavirus with death and work to boost people’s immunity using supplements’, he added.

Meanwhile the government reopened restaraunts that were shut over COVID-19 pandemic.

As at now COVID-19 cases have hit 374 in Kenya.