We won’t evacuate Kenyans stuck in China, Ministry

Africans who were kicked out of their houses sleeping in a street in China PHOTO COURTESY

The government has ruled out any evacuation exercise to rescue Kenyans stuck in China amid reports of mistreatment of Africans in China.

Speaking when he appeared before  Parliamentary Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, foreign affairs principal secretary Macharia Kamau said that it will be impractical for Kenyans to be brought back pointing that it is an expensive venture for the government due to logistical constraints.

He said that there are three million Kenyans abroad, further pointing out that evacuating a fraction of them, would be impractical.

“We have 3 million Kenyans out there. If we were to evacuate just one percent, those are 30,000 people.”Macharia said

 Macharia said only the US, UK, Germany and Canada have so far evacuated their people, adding that the said citizens are being transported at their own cost.

He said some Kenyans are living in areas that are on lockdown, therefore, it would also be impossible for them to access any form of transport.

On the issue of Kenyans being stranded and being harassed in China, the PS said the situation has been exaggerated.

“The Chinese government has apologized,” Macharia said.

This comes less than a day after he called out the Chinese government over the mistreatment of Kenyans living in the province.

Last week, reports emerged that Africans living in Guangzhou province had been evicted from their houses by landlords and blocked from buying food from restaurants as the Chinese government pushes the fight against COVID-19 in the country.