Sheikh Ngao:Churches,Mosques should remain closed

Sheikh Juma Ngao PHOTO: courtesy

Mombasa muslim cleric Sheikh Juma Ngao had told off religious leaders in the country pushing the government to lift ban on mosques and churches amid the covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to baraka fm on phone, Ngao who is the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council chairman wondered why clerics want to continue with businesses as usual despite the dangers that people are exposed to.

“What is the hurry for. Can’t we just follow government directives by praying at home until this pandemic is over?’, posed Ngao.

He accused the leaders of undermining the government efforts in fighting covid-19 while wondering about their motive for pushing to reopen places of worship despite the ban imposed.

“We cannot be having people pushing for mosques and churches to open like everything is normal”, he added.

Ngao urged the clerics to instead follow the example of other nations who have suspended most activities due to the epidemic which has cost lives.

“Even our holiest mosques of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia have been closed.Churches too. I don’t see why we should find faults when we do the same in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi and other places”, said Ngao.

Kenya has reported 216 cases of coronavirus pandemic.