COVID-19: Recovered cases surpass 300k

More than 300 thousand have recovered from the disease./COURTESY

As the world grapples with COVID-19 pandemic, that has infected more than 1.4 million people globally, some 302,209 people have recovered from the disease.

Most of the recovered cases, 77,279, have been recorded in China followed by 43,208 in Spain, then 36,081 in Germany.

Iran which has recorded 27,039 recoveries, comes in fourth followed by Italy with 24, 392. United States, which currently has the highest number of infections, has recorded 21,711 recoveries.

Africa as a whole has reported at least 10,267 cases. Out of these, 989 have recovered while 492 have died.

Kenya has recorded 172 cases with six deaths and seven recoveries.

Global infections and deaths

Global infections stand at 1.4 million with United States having recorded the most COVID-19 infection with 400,540 cases. U.S has recorded 12,857 deaths.

Spain has the second most number of infections with 141,942 cases. Out of these, 14,045 have died.

Italy which has recorded 135,586 cases with 17,127 deaths, comes in third followed by France then Germany.