Dado hints at looming lockdown should Kenyans defy curfew

Interior Chief Administrative Secretary Hussein Dado with Malindi OCPD Vitalis Otieno during curfew compliance inspection in Malindi on March 29 PHOTO COURTESY

Interior Ministry Chief Administrative Secretary Hussein Dado has warned that the country could be forced to go into lockdown should Kenyans continue defying the curfew.

Speaking after making an impromptu inspection tour to see how the curfew was being observed in Kilifi county on Sunday evening, the CAS said he was impressed by the way residents were observing the law.

Dado said the Indian Prime Minister locked down the whole country with over 1.3 billion people for 21 days adding that if the pandemic goes the same way Kenya might go the same way of a lockdown.

Dado said he was impressed that shops and businesses in Malindi town had been closed by 7.00 pm.

He urged other Kenyans in the other counties to comply just like the residents of Kilifi county.

”What I have seen in Malindi Wanachi has complied if everybody complied like them everything would go smoothly,” he said.

The CAS commended the police for doing a great job buy guiding the few who delayed and went at night during the curfew.

He appealed to business people to close early so that their staff get time to reach their homes early.
”I want Kenyans to understand there is nothing punitive here this is an enemy that has attacked the whole world,” he said.

The CAS said the curfew has a good side as people spend more time with their families.

He said the misunderstanding that was witnessed on the first day of the Curfew has settled but asked Kenyans not to confront the police .

Dado was Accompanied by Malindi Sub County Police Commander Vitalis Otieno who said residents have complied with the curfew orders and the majority went home early to avoid clashing with the police.

However, he warned Bodaboda operators who are carrying passengers despite a ban.