Schools directed to use school buses to ferry students home

Government orders schools to use school buses to ferry students home./COURTESY

The government has directed that all boarding schools to make arrangements on how to ferry learners to their homes or nearest picking points using school buses.

Through a statement sent to newsrooms, the Ministry of Education want all school buses belonging to day schools also be mobilized for the same purpose.

Parents who can pick their children are advised to do so, with school principals/ headteachers/ institutional heads are asked to communicate the same to the parents in due cause.

“The vehicle should take learners to their homes or nearest designated drop-off points which must be within proximity distance to their homes where parents should be notified to pick them,” the statement read.

The ministry wants schools to organize with National Transport and Safety Authority NTSA, to license public transport providers to pick learners from schools.

In this regard, the PSV should be cleaned, sanitized and inspected by the head of the institutions before boarding.

Schools are therefore advised to give learners instructions on how to keep safe on transit and while at home.

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Following confirmation of two additional cases of COVID-19 pandemic, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered on 15 March 2020, that learning in all educational institutions be suspended with immediate effect.

Learners from boarding schools are expected to join their counterparts from day schools at home by Wednesday 18th March while all universities are expected to be closed by Friday 20th March, 2020.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha said the schools have been closed indefinitely.