Women prisoners in Malindi demand conjugal visits

Female inmates in prison. PHOTO: courtesy

Women prisoners serving life sentences at Mtangani GK prison in Malindi wants the state to organize conjugal visits for them.

Led by Sofia Swaleh, the inmates says serving term in jail does not suppress their sexual desire hence wants conjugal visits by their partners.

“We also have feelings just like any other normal person. We should be able to meet our lovers and be intimate here in prison”, said Swaleh.

However, they want their partners to be tested for H.I.V and other sexually transmitted diseases first before being allowed to meet them.

“They must be tested whether they are free from H.I.V and Gonorrhea. We don’t want to risk our lives by being infected”, they stated.

Mtangani GK prison has both Male and female inmates sections.

Meanwhile the officer in charge -Purity Ngatha urged the government to offer job opportunities for ex-prisoners who acquired useful skills while in prison.