China deploys ducks to counter locust invasion

A local farmer runs through a swarm of desert locusts to chase them away.Humanitarian organizations have warned that locusts could be ctatastrophic to underfunded East Africa /COURTESY

The Chinese government has deployed an ‘army’ of 100,000 ducks to confront swarms of locust that are moving eastward towards China.

A video shared by China’s state-run news website CGTN shows thousands of ducks waddling down a road to confront 400 billion locusts approaching the country near the border where it meets Pakistan and India.

This is not the first time the Chinese government has used ducks to fight locusts. In 2018, the country deployed ducks in Xinjiang area which was under locusts attack.

Meanwhile in Kenya, the locusts’ invasion has now affected at least 19 counties with the government training 500 National Youth Service (NYS) personnel to help with ground spraying.

The latest county to be hit with the locusts’ attack was Bungoma County.

The government has warned locals from eating the locusts for health reasons.