Briton to be expelled from Kenya for defying airport officials

The Moi International Airport in Mombasa where the Briton refused to produce his passport PHOTO COURTESY

A British tourist will be sent back to his country after failing to show his passport when he arrived at the Moi international airport Mombasa.

Gregory Charles arrived in Mombasa on 8th February and went straight to collect his luggage and walked out of the airport without passing through the immigration counter.

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He had arrived at the airport around 12:10 pm with passport number 537145513 onboard an Ethiopian airline.

However,upon disembarking he refused to pass by the immigration counter to fill visa application forms, a Mombasa court was told.

Mombasa Resident magistrate Vincent Adet sentenced him to two months in jail or pay a fine of Sh.10, 000 pending his expulsion.