Mombasa county hit by acute water shortage

Mikindani residents PHOTO:courtesy

Mombasa residents have been grappling with an acute water shortage that has lasted two weeks now.

The situation is so dire that Women with babies on their backs are risking their lives to wake up as early as 4am in search of water.

The most affected areas are Kiembeni  (Kisauni constituency) and Mikindani (Jomvu constituency).

A resident of Kiembeni identifying himself as @ashikoyeO on twitter lamented over the water shortage in his area.

‘Two weeks and counting no water in Kiembeni Mombasa”, he said.

Another resident Shadrack Mbui sent a plea to Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho to intervene.

‘It is not good for Mombasa residents to go without water for a whole week. Whatever the reason it is not just’, he stated.

The situation is the same in Mikindani which has a population of 52,777 with locals going for weeks without fresh water.

Ghanahola village which is a low income area is most affected due to its sheer population and poverty which makes it too expensive for locals to buy water from vendors. A 20 litre jerrican of water can go for between sh 50 and sh 80.

Residents have now been forced to resort to using borehole water which is salty and not fit for human consumption.

According to Ali Mazrui who hails from Ghanahola village, the shortage has made life difficult for families with school going children worst affected.

“Owners of Mombasa cement company use to supply us with free water three days a week. But they pulled out following a misunderstanding with locals”, he said.

The construction of the Changamwe-Jomvu road has also been blamed for the water shortage experienced in Mikindani.

” I heard that they removed water pipes in that site hence the water shortage here in Mikindani. we were told that we will get enough water once the road construction is completed”, said Lilian Omondi, a resident.

A water kiosk vendor in Mikindani revealed that they occasionally get water rations twice a week.

The vendor, who requested for anonymity, accuses Mombasa Water Company of laxity alleging that pleas to increase water ration to the area have been ignored.

‘They will give you excuses one after another why we are experiencing water shortage even when Mzizima and Baricho springs are full to the brim, he claims.

Our calls to Mombasa water to clarify the claims went unanswered.