Kilifi chief wants Mnazi dens taxed to curb teen pregnancies

Jerrycans of mnazi. Two police officers arrested enjoying mnazi with a crowd in Kilifi./COURTESY

An administrator has urged the County government of Kilifi to construct and rent out drinking dens of local brew known as Mnazi in Malindi.

 Shella Location sub-Chief Nicodemus Mwayele, says the move will help in curbing cases of insecurity and teenage pregnancies that are rampant in the County.

Some 13,624 pregnancies were reported in Kilifi County in 2018, among school children aged 15 to 19, a report by the children’s affairs department stated.

“Most of these vices occur because we have many drinking dens scattered everywhere hence it’s difficult to manage or control them accordingly”, he stated.

According to Mwayele, the County government can also manage the dens popularly known as Mangwe and collect tax to boost its revenue.

“Let them designate areas as Mnazi drinking dens and fence them nicely. It will not only be safe to drink but the county will also boost its revenue stream by taxing the sellers”, he said.

The administrator insists it will be easy to deal with crimes and ensure safety of the area and residents.

However, he lauded residents for cooperating with security organs to tackle crime in the area noting that the move has born fruits with few incidents of insecurity being reported.

“Statistics that we have shown that crime rate in this area has reduced due to cooperation between police and residents”, added Mwayele.