Tanzanian citizens to be restricted from traveling to the US


Your Tanzanian-Kenyan dual nationality status might soon cost you if you are planning to travel to the US.

This is after Donald Trump’s led administration announced that Tanzania and Nigeria are among countries set to be imposed with travel restrictions.

According to the Wall Street Journal which first broke the story, citizens of   Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania are set to be added to the list of countries such as Somalia and North Korea who are in the restriction list.

Though the citizens of those countries will not be necessarily banned from traveling to the US, the restrictions will mean more stringent controls in regards to the issuance of business and visitor visas according to the US state department officials.

President Trump’s administration is also reportedly considering banning some countries from participating in the diversity visa program that allows residents living in countries that do not prevalently immigrate to the US to participate in a lottery program that allows winners to immigrate to the US.

Though it has not been made clear why Tanzanians are in the list of citizens to be imposed with the restrictions, the Wall Street Journal reported that  Eritreans, Nigerians and Sudanese nationals were leading in overstaying their business and tourist visas in the US.

The final list is expected to be made on Monday.