Drama in Malindi court as murder suspect refuses to take plea

The Malindi law court.The court has detained the prime suspect in the murder of German national Detering Hermann for 14 more days to allow prosecution finalize investigations PHOTO FILE

There was drama at a Malindi court when a murder suspect refused to take plea by playing to be of unsound mind.

Jackson Mwalimu Karisa who is charged with the murder of Kabibi Kitsao Masha had initially appeared before Resident judge Reuben Nyakundi who ordered for a mental assessment test before he could stand trial.

He is accused that on 10th of December 2019 at Mikingirini village in Kilifi North Sub County he unlawfully murdered Kabibi Kitsao Masha. He first appeared on 13thDecember but did not take plea.

A mental assessment report from a psychiatrist at the Coast General Provincial Hospital indicated that the accused person was of sound mind to take plea.

“He has no mental illness and is fit to take plea,” read the letter tabled in court and signed by Dr. C. Mwangome, a consultant psychiatrist.

His lawyer Tonia Mwania however said she was ready to proceed with the matter but her client stood his ground and even denied ever going for a mental assessment.

Prosecuting Counsel Barbara Sombo also said she was ready to proceed with the matter.

“The court is ready to proceed. I do not know what happened to the accused between Kilifi and Malindi that has made him change his mind,” she said.

The accused denied knowing both the psychiatrist  who examined him and the murder victim.

Mimi sijaona dakitari, Sijui Kibibi,” loosely translating to ‘I have not seen a doctor and I don’t know Kibibi.’

Hon Nyakundi ordered that a fresh mental assessment be carried out before the accused takes plea.

The case will be mentioned on 6th January 2020.