Laboratory officers oppose bill seeking to commercialize blood transfusion

Kenya National Union of Medical Laboratory officers sec general Enock Wanyonyi during Press conference in Nairobi /Christopher Nyamuta

The Kenya National Union of medical Laboratory officers(KNMULO) have warned parliament over a bill that is seeking to commercialize blood transfusion in the country.

In a media briefing in Nairobi, KNUMLO sec general Enoch Wanyonyi said that the bill sponsored by Muranga women rep, who is also the National Assembly Health committee chair Sabina Chege, which will see expansion of testing of blood transfusion for commercial purposes will adversely affect the delivery of services related to blood transfusion and testing in the industry.

Wanyonyi said that such a development will compromise the safety of blood transfusion practices set universally.

“The bill seeks to transfer blood transfusion process from, medical laboratory to physicians and Pharmacists.”Wanyonyi said

“This is meant to commercialize the process. “he added 

The bill advocates for the formation of a body that will raise funds to mobilize blood donations and hence all hospitals will have sufficient blood banks.

According to Muranga Women rep Sabina Chege, withdrawal of donors who had been sponsoring blood transfusion drives across the country had adversely affected blood banks leaving hospitals in limbo.

Hence most hospitals had to rely on walk in donations while public hospitals have been forced to borrow blood from their private counterparts.

“Blood is crucial and many women are dying while giving birth because hospitals do not have blood. Cancer is also consuming a lot of blood which is required during chemotherapy. This is an emergency and as we debate other things, we are sending an alert to the government and lawmakers to make sure the services are restored.” Chege said.