10 arrested over beating police officers in Lamu


10 people have been arrested in Lamu following an incident where two police officers were allegedly assaulted by villagers in Mararani village on Sunday.

The 10 were arrested by officers who had been called in to restore calm and pick two of their colleagues who had earlier on clashed with the villagers according to The Star newspaper.

According to the area, Nyumba Kumi elder William Diwa trouble started after the two officers who had been hired to guard a wedding ceremony in the area descended in a drinking den and demanded that the revelers in the den produce identification cards.

Those who refused to produce their ID cards were allegedly beaten up by the officers who ignited anger among the villagers.

The villagers then descended on the officers, beat them up and frog-marched them to Diwa’s house who then called the police to come pick their colleagues.

The police officers who came to rescue their embattled colleagues descended on the villagers and arrested 10 of them.

“The police came here and instead of picking their colleagues, they began beating people. There is tension here.” Diwa said.

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However, authorities have insisted that no villager was assaulted by the embattled police officers.

According to the Lamu county commissioner Macharia Irungu, the officers had stopped a man and demanded to inspect his bag when he refused and started screaming attracting the attention of the villagers who started beating the police officers.

Irungu added other than the 10 people who had been arrested, investigations were still ongoing.

However, the incident has left area residents living in fear of further reprisals by police officers.