New technology set to aid poultry farming

Exhibitors from 14 countries in the world had an opportunity to showcase their farming products in Nairobi dubbed East Africa agro and poultry farm 2019.
The expo that runs for three days, gives farmers, producers and manufacturers an opportunity to present their products,services and innovative technologies in the East africa market.
Speaking during the event,the firm’s consultant  Muhammed Mudasir said that their is potential in Africa for local poultry farming to grow due to new introduced farm technology.
“Africa has potential for good health in poultry as latest products are in new technology,” said Mudasir.
“We produce fertilizer of liquid form and Our five per cent of our products are dedicated to poultry. These products are 100 per organic where rate of application is low. The main idea is to prevent coccidiosis,different stresses,transportation stress,to reduce respiratory system.
He added that this edition which is the fourth is better than the one that happened in February this year after attracting 14 countries that includes among them, Russia,Bangladesh, Czech republic, Kenya,Oman,Pakistan, Poland, Spain and Soudi Arabia.
The public tend to benefit on information on the topic like, livestock,poultry,animal health among others.
Expertise will also be expected to give valuable tips