Court sentences killer Mtwapa officer to death 16 years later


The Mombasa high court on Wednesday sentenced a former Mtwapa police constable Harrison Kipng’etich to death for the murder of civilians Doreen Wawira, Alice Katonye and Police Constable Jacob Nderi.

The court heard that on the  16th of March 2003, Kipng’etich loaded his G3 fire arm and went to the Mtwapa police station report desk where he opened fire to the civillians who who were filing reports killing them on the spot.

In her ruling, Justice Dorah Chepkwonny said that the prosecution proved three murder cases against Kipng’etich and sentenced him to serve a death sentence.

“The accused has not explained why he murdered the three people.The court finds itself with no choice but to impose the death sentence against the accused,” said Chepkwony

Kepng’etich is said to havce spent the day drinking with colleagues in two separate bars  in Mtwapa before he stormed the police station and committed the heinous act.

In his mitigation, he asked court for forgiveness claiming he was drunk, but the court dismissed him noting his that his behavior was inhuman.

Chepkwony said that the court ought to take judicial notice of what is happening in the country, where by the police officers have been using their guns to end the lives of Kenyans.