Vertinary board moves to tame quacks

A veterinary vaccinates a cow in Mount Elgon. The Kenya Veterinary Board is set to launch regional offices in a bid to curb quacks in the profession PHOTO COURTESY
The Kenya veterinary board (KVB), is set to establish regional offices across the country in order to address challenges brought about by quark veterinaries.
This is according to KVB chairperson Dr. Christopher Wanga who argued that quarks in the profession are on the rise.
Dr.Wanga added, due to numerous cases of malpractices especially with meat, there is need to regulate their services by having new amendment act on both wild and domestic animals which will then be forwarded to the permanent secretary state department of livestock for further processing and eventually legislation.
” The veterinary professional is noble and is owned by practitioners; therefore the need to protect, promote and defend the same in word, spirit, and deeds. Our actions will speak louder than our words”, Said Dr Wanga.
He further appealed to county governments since they are a useful link in regulations of veterinary practice, to have veterinary surgeons and paraprofessionals in their employment. This will ensure there is safety in animal products human consume.
“These people will be in a good position to enforce the law and ensure that services are delivered and practice is guaranteed so that the farmer will be able to get the best services”, He added.
The board is looking forward to have 250 million shillings from both its stakeholders and the government in order to carry out their mandate starting with the coastal region, northeastern and part of the rift valley in Kericho county.
Currently, Kenya has 2160 thousands of registered veterinary surgeons and 9,000 thousand paraprofessionals.