After being heartbroken by Eunice Njeri, rapper Izzo raps finds love

Singer Eunice Njeri and her ex-husband Isaac Bukasa alias Izzo Raps .Izzo has moved on to a new woman PHOTO COURTESY

One of the biggest controversies that rocked the gospel industry in 2016 was the hours long marriage between rapper Isaac Bukasa alias Izzo raps and gospel singer Eunice Njeri.

The two had tied the knot in Texas before the singer deserted her matrimonial home hours after the ceremony and took a flight back to Kenya.

A few months later, the singer later revealed that she was not officially married to Isaac as no marriage papers were signed during the ceremony.

“The marriage was annulled (like it never happened). No papers were signed. Afterwards, we both made a decision to go our separate ways. I hope for your support and help as we move on. Like every other relationship, we hit a rock, maybe a little too early, but have since overcome. Consequently, we have decided to go our separate ways and hope for the very best. God bless you,”The singer said.

Years later her former boyfriend is now seeing a new partner.

Rapper Izzo raps new girlfriend PHOTO COURTESY

The rapper took to Instagram to introduce his new girlfriend with a caption. “Some people are just heavensent,my new gift from God” the rapper wrote with his colleagues in the gospel industry such as Holy Dave,Mbuvi and Kambua and Emmy Kosgei congratulating him.

Not much is known about his new girlfriend .

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Rapper Isaac Bukasa and his new girlfriend PHOTO COURTESY