MPs raise red-flag over possible loss of millions at Kenya Meat Commission

MPs during a parliamentary session./COURTESY
National Assembly agriculture committee has expressed  its concerns on how the government is handling the privatization of the Kenya meat commission .
In a media briefing at parliament buildings,the committee  chair Adan Mohammed said that the committee is dismayed that the sh 500 million which was disbursed  to see Kenya meat commission privatized had been misused.
Mohammed said that out of the sh 125 million  set for demonstration only 104 million was utilized and the projected has almost stalled.
The committee said that there is need for the relevant agencies to divulge information on how the modernization programme has been done.
He also pointed that the committee and other stakeholders have been in dark on the privatization issue which he insisted that it lacked public participation.
“If there was goodwill it is now two years there is no talk on privatization ,no public participation.
Pastoral parliamentary group are not aware of the privatization.”Chair said
He urged the ministry of agriculture to provide audited accounts on how the funds were utilized.
“Within 7 days the ministry must provide audited reports for the 3 yrs.”Mohammed said