Former Camp Mulla member narrates how ‘gay man’ snatched his girlfriend

Former Camp Mulla Member Taio Tripper whose girlfriend dumped him for a supposedly gay man PHOTO COURTESY

Former Camp Mulla band member Taio Tripper whose  real names are  Mathew Wakhungu is a man on a road to recovery.

This is after suffering a heartbreak a few months ago.

According to Taio, his supposed girlfriend left him for a man they all thought was gay catching him by surprise.

Tripper who left the group together with Miss Karun  back in 2013 made the narration on Sunday saying that time heals all wounds.

The girlfriend in question is not yet known.

However, Taio once dated Nairobi Model Wambui Ndiithi and most recently fellow singer Marushka.

After leaving Camp Mulla, Taio ventured into Dejaaying,rapping and music production.