Kwale women rep faults Jumwa for disrespecting ODM party

Kwale women representative Zuleikha Juma Hassan./Brivian Simiyu

Kwale, KENYA: Kwale county women representative Zuleikha Juma has faulted Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa for disrespecting ODM party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna following an incident where she took away microphone from him during a burial ceremony in Kilifi county.

Zuleikha termed the incident as one that was meant to show disrespect as well as tarnish the reputation of ODM party in public.

“Politicians make all matter of statements at funerals, what does respecting the Mijikenda have anything to do with it,” she said.

The legislature said that Jumwa did not do the right thing by snatching the microphone from the SG but instead was to let him know if he had committed an offence.

“If she thought the SG had said something wrong, she could have sent him a note or whispered to him instead of taking away the microphone. She could have let him continue with any other points he wanted to make,” she added.

She noted that the incident was meant to portray ODM as a party that does not support and respect culture.

“It is also a plan to pit the Mijikenda against ODM. I tend to think that Jumwa is being used to propagate the discourse,” said Juma.

However, she said that majority of Kenyans are behind the Uhuru-Raila pact which is meant to bring cohesion among the different tribes of Kenya.