Diamond Platnumz on the spot over ‘stealing’ song from Namibian singer

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz PHOTO COURTESY

Diamond Platinumz has been put on the spot over allegations of stealing the song ‘The one’ which was released yesterday.

The song in question was first done by Namibian King TeeDee featuring Diamond originally as “One I love” before Diamond went ahead and did the same song this time as a solo project with same beats and lyrics

King TeeDee fans joined forces against Diamond, accusing him of kicking out the Namibian singer in the song that has gathered over a million views in 17 hours on youtube. They said to never let him perform in Namibia while others said that the song is good and there is nothing wrong that diamond did.

According to King TeeDee on twitter, he said that I have been through thick & thin in my career & that won’t be the last. Don’t think am stupid when quite.”

As far as diamond made the song sound better King TeeDee says that great music came straight from the heart.

“Great music is from the heart and that will touch every soul. made it simple..” He wrote on an Instagram post.