Malindi activists fault drugs committee for doing a shoddy job

A Pack of Mogoka./PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA: Activists in Malindi, North of Kilifi County, have faulted the committee on drugs which toured the area recently for doing a shoddy job.

They say the committee did not fully involve the public in giving out their opinion on the ongoing public participation on the miraa business allover Kenya.

Speaking in Malindi on Monday, one of the activists on drugs Famau Mohamed Famau said they heard of the committee being in Malindi but it was conducted indoors instead of public.

He said there is need for the committee to go back and redo the job as required by the law as malindi is one of the places most affected by miraa.

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“We were informed later on after the committee has already finished and gone back to other places,” Famau said.

“We had a lot to share with the committee but we could not because it was conducted in a manner that only few people had access to where it was and give out their opinion,” he added.

For some time now Kilifi County has been in the forefront to abolish Mogokaa business citing its adverse effects especially on school going children.

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It’s expected that the County assembly of Kilifi will work on it and come up with a law on its implementation.

Kwale County was the first to ban Mogokaa business following the bad effects it has brought to the area in the recent years.