Vlogger Natalie Tewa rekindles love with boyfriend

Natalie Tewa and her boyfriend Rnaze who rekindled their love at Socialite Vera Sidikas house PHOTO COURTESY

Vlogger Natalie Tewa has rekindled love with her Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze.

The two love birds reunited at Vera Sidika’s house with Vera playing mediator.

Vera who had earlier stated that he has known Rnaze for 8 years took to her Instagram to announce the reunion efforts stating that she loves to seeing people in peace.

“I love seeing two people make peace @rnaze @Natalietewa,” wrote Vera.

The reunion comes days after Vera was spotted having some cool time with Rnaze at his 30th birthday at the famous Xsmallionares club.

The two love birds who had always shared their love lives on YouTube parted ways a week ago with each of the two pointing an accusing finger at the other.

Rnaze accused Natalie of cheating while Natalie claimed Rnaze was being abusive.

From Natalie Tewa’s post-Vera’s effort seems to have bored some fruits with the two rekindling their love.

“Thanks for hosting us @queenveebosset such a boss bae.. I love who you are.”  Natalie posted.

The two first met at a photo shoot on October 2017 and it was love at first sight