Keter risks censure motion over two year power outage

Aldas member of parliament Aden Keynan during a press briefing at parliamentary buildings on Monday.PHOTO CHRISTOPHER NYAMUTA
Aldas member of parliament Aden Keynan has given energy cabinet secretary Charles Keter a two-week ultimatum to solve power outages affecting Wajir county or else he will move a censure motion against him in parliament.
Speaking at parliamentary buildings on Monday, Keynan complained that it is incorrect for the CS to fail to act following the fact the problem has persisted for the past two years.
Keynan said that if the CS will not adhere to his demands, he will move a motion in the National Assembly seeking his removal from energy docket.
He pointed that president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto pronounced that the problem of power outages will be solved an issue that has not been executed by the CS.
“I will move a motion of censure following the fact that presidential pledge has not been implemented, from 2017 to 2019,”Keynan said.
“I give honorable Keter two weeks. Wajir people have been without power since the 8th of April 2017 even as after president and deputy president made pronouncements.”He added
He accused the CS of mismanagement which has seen the energy sector especially Kenya Power company going down.
He also accuses him over failing to appear before the National Assembly energy committee over the matter.
“In October last year, the  CS failed to appear before energy committee. He is a CS  who has refused to appear before parliament, he failed  to adhere to presidential pronouncement.”He said.
Wajir is not connected to the national grid, so its power supply is undergirded by thermal generators that convert diesel into electricity.
The main generator broke down in a fire accident in October 2018, and its repair had been near impossible.
Kenya Power restored the electricity supply briefly after emergency repairs but the county plunged into darkness two months after the repair.