Brace yourself for floods, weather man warns


Nairobi, KENYA: Do not the floods catch you off guard.

The Meteorological department has raised an alert in the country over long rains expected in the month of April.

Speaking during a media briefing in Nairobi on Monday, acting director of the Meteorological department services Stella Aura said the rains may cause flooding mostly in flood prone and land slide areas like Budalangi, Kano, Western Kenya, Central Rift valley, central Highlands and Muranga.

“The National Disaster Operations Centre is, therefore, advised to be on standby in order to mitigate any negative impacts that may arise,” said Aura.

The rains follow a drought period that is being experienced following the sunny and dry weather conditions.

The department said this could have been as a result of the tropical cyclone known as “DAI.’’

“The cyclone which has delayed the northward movement of the rain- bearing Inter-tropical convergence zone has started decaying thus allowing moisture influx into the country, hence significant rainfall expected in April,” said the director.