MPs raise fears of possible scam in stalled Somalia border wall

Former Police IG Joseph Boinnet inspects the Somalia Border wall .MPs have raised fears of a possible scam at the stalled wall PHOTO COURTESY

A section of members of parliament have raised fears that a possible scam could be unfolding in the stalled construction of the Somalia border wall.

The project was divided  into three parts – the Northern sector from Mandera- Elwak (160 kilometers), the Central sector from Elwak to Libat (445 Kilometers) and the Southern sector from Libat- Kiunga (105 Kilometers).

So far only 10 km out of 700 km stretch of the Kenyan-Somali border has been constructed since its initiation in 2014.

It has taken 5 years to construct  10 km implying that it has been taking a year to construct 2 kilometers of the wall and should all factors remain constant the 700 km wall  will complete in the year 2,364.

The stretch has cost a whopping 3.4 billion meaning each kilometer used about 340 million shillings.

Speaking on Wednesday, the members of National Assembly led by majority leader Duale( MP Garissa town) says the border wall project is not viable but wastage of resources.

“We will not allow a few individuals to use the insecurity in northern Kenya to steal public funds appropriated by parliament,” Duale said.

Minority leader John Mbadi (Suba South) also faulted the project saying alternative solutions were more viable.

“Kenya should not be funding the construction of such a wall but investing in intelligence-gathering technology to limit attacks caused by Al-Shabaab.”

The MP’s now wants the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission to probe how such a huge amount was spent on building the barrier