Sh.100 million bounty placed on Osama Bin Laden’s son

Hamza Bin Laden,Osama Bin Laden's son PHOTO COURTESY

A bounty of sh 100 million is up for grab by anyone with information that can lead to capture of Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza bin Laden.

“The Justice Program is offering a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the identification or location in any country of al-Qa’ida (AQ) key leader Hamza bin Laden,” he U.S. State Department told the Mirror publication in a statement.

Hamza bin Laden, now 30 years old is believed to be the emerging as a leader in the AQ franchise and has been releasing audio and video messages on the Internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the United States and its Western allies.

Hamza, who is married to married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker in the 9/11 terror attacks and is now following on the footsteps of his father in a bid to avenge for his fathers killing by US army.

Hamza bin Laden is the son of one of Osama bin Laden’s three surviving wives, Khairiah Sabar, who was living with her husband in a compound in Abbottabad, near a large Pakistani military base, when he was killed and it had always been tipped as the next heir.

Osama bin Laden had been the world’s most wanted man since the 9/11 terror attacks on America in 2001 until he was killed on 2nd May 2011 in a raid by US special forces.