EACC imposter arrested in Kilifi


EACC sleuths in Kilifi County have arrested a man who they say has been posing as an EACC officer to unsuspecting citizens.
The man who has identified as Oronde was arrested on Thursday.

According to Elijah Gichangi the Kilifi county EACC boss, the man was nabbed after their office in Malindi received several complaints.

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“I would like to issue a warning to other impersonators that the writing is on the wall and we will come for you” Gichangi told journalists.

Several types of equipment including phones, a computer CPU, a notebook, several phones were recovered during the raid.

This comes just a month after yet another suspected imposter was arrested in the same county.

The commission has been rocked by cases of imposters posing as their officers in a bid to con unsuspecting citizens.

In June 2015, the commission released the names of 35 people it said had been posing as its officers.

“Typically, the fraudsters present themselves as EACC investigators; and use this gimmick to extort money and other benefits from members of the public. The commission wishes to notify the general public that all its officers have been issued with appropriate identification documents which can be verified by any person on request.” The then EACC CEO Halaqhe Wako said in a statement.