Education ministry sign agreement to improve TVET training

The Kenya Coast National Polytechnic./ COURTESY

Youths in Kenya will soon have the opportunity to improve their employment skills through high-quality technical and vocational training programs.

During the signing of the bilateral agreement on Wednesday in Nairobi, the ministry of education State department and Federal Government of Germany agreed to cooperate in order to deliver high-quality, and market- oriented training courses that will boost youth’s employment skills across the country.

According to TVET principle secretary Kevit Desai, 3 public Technical and Vocational education and training (TVET) institution will be upgraded whereby, the training will be on automotive and industrial mechatronics, bodybuilding and welding.

He added that, this will subsequently encourage self employment, well trained managers, skills and competencies for long term and sustainable profession for youths.

He also urged the government, private sector, development partners and all stakeholders to contribute to this ongoing initiative.

“The government of Kenya and the Federal Government of Germany initiative plan is to promote capacities for development due to curiosity and resourcefulness in Kenya, to achieve greater productivity, innovation and efficiency in the economic, environmental and social sector,” Kevit said

The Government of Kenya and the Federal Government of Germany in December 2018 signed a bilateral development cooperation agreement towards promoting a comprehensive approach to skills development in Kenya.