Sonko applauded for beautification of Nairobi at the UN congress

Nairobi Governor and good deeds ambassador Mike Sonko during the UN conference in New York on 20th February 2019/GPS

New York, USA: Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko on Tuesday was applauded for his efforts to beautify Nairobi at the United Nations Congress.

Speaking during the meeting in New York, Sonko said he had taken a number of steps to address the issue of food shortage in Nairobi.

“My County Government is in the process of constructing several markets to ensure more people have access to fresh produce a short distance from their homes,” said Sonko.

He said the County has also set up a Food System Directorate tasked with ensuring residents have access to safe food, of good quality, at affordable prices, wherever they live.

Sonko also said more than half of Nairobi’s households live on a total expenditure of less than 70 US Dollars a month.

“With this kind of budget, most of the households cannot afford more than one decent meal a day. In most instances, the meals lack basic nutrients because they cannot afford tomatoes, onions or even fresh vegetables,” said Sonko.

The Governor said the county has come up with a phone system that will directly link producers and consumers, thus cutting out middlemen who contribute to high food prices.

“In Nairobi, we now have a Food Markets Information System that enables residents know where foodstuff is available, and at what price. This helps to enable consumers make informed choices, although the system is still not yet in wide use,” said Sonko.

“We are also setting up bulk cold storage centres where fresh produce will be preserved as it is distributed to small scale retailers. In addition, we have stationed Food Safety Officers at all entry points into the city to check that food being transported to Nairobi is safe,” Sonko told the delegates attending the UN meeting.