‘Huduma number’ piloting project kicksoff in Tana River

S Hamadi Boga in spectacles supervising the launch of Huduma Namba at county commissioner’s office compound in Hola with Huduma namba team on Monday PHOTO CHIDULU SAID
Tana River,KENYA:The Huduma number piloting project has kicked off in Tana River county.

Tana River was among the fifteen counties selected in the pilot project together with Kilifi from coastal counties out of forty-seven across the country.

According to county commissioner Mr. Oningoi ole Sossio, the pilot project would be implemented in only two sub-locations in the county.

Mr. Sossio named Waldena sub – location in Tana River sub-county and Pamba sub-location in the Tana North sub-county.

The national government coordinator assured the residents who had come to be addressed about the same that project would be implemented to every Kenyan after the piloting that was to be approved by the government.

“We are today because of the government trial project and we are lucky that we are among the fifteen counties and the whole country has 47 counties. Here in the coast, the government selected only Tana River and Kilifi. That shows that we are recognized by this good nation. As you been told by the team leader is that in future you will be needed just a number which will be called Huduma Namba that will be used in identification which will be attained by using finger prints. That’s why you have to be sensitized in the same,” said Mr. Oningoi ole Sossio.

According to the Agriculture principal secretary Hamadi Boga,The new registration system NIMS might boost security sector in the country if results of the trial phase will be approved and the system given a go –ahead.

Speaking at county commissioner’s office in Hola,Boga said already the same methodology was used in International Airports to monitor terrorists and other lawbreakers.

According to the PS all information would be merged in the system to ease identification of Kenyans and others from foreign countries just by using fingerprints.

The identity management system according to Boga, would be done for people from six years and above using birth certificates, ID card which would merge personal information like KRA PIN, NHiF details, NSSF details and other documents in relation to the system.

“Insecurity, now the system is already used, at the Kenyan airports, your fingerprints must be taken when entering or leaving Kenya. This makes us aware of who goes out and those coming from other countries,” said Mr. Boga.

Apart from security, the system was aimed at easing performance by the government in various fields in the country by getting the exact information from people.

The PS added that lack of information among Kenyans has led to fraud in delivering services to the Kenyans saying most Kenyans have been skipped by services due to their leaders’ interests.

“It is ease through this Huduma Namba to know the farmer and where he or she is, what they are farming and if you distributing fertilizer you what to do, because we have been losing fertilizer due to lack the information on who is farmer and who is not so through this system will  do away with all those. Also other services like health make ease to the population of Kenyans, place, age and how many needs vaccines,” said the Prof.