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No market for Voi groundnut farmers

Groundnuts being harvested. Farmers in Taita Taveta say they need shelling machines./COURTESY

Taita Taveta, KENYA: Groundnut farmers from Buguta village in Voi Sub-County have raised a red flag over lack of shelling machines and available market for their produce.

The farmers led by Asha Lugwe say they want to invest more into groundnut farming as the only cash crop but are discouraged since using their hands to remove the shells is not only tiresome but also result in painful blisters.

Halima Nyamawi, also a farmer, said another setback they are facing is lack of a readily available market for their products.

“We depend on brokers who visit once a month or sometimes even after several months. A kilo of groundnut is sold at sh.200, if we get good market a kilo can go up to sh.250,” said Halima.

The farmers also lamented over the invasion of jumbos who love eating nuts into their farms leaving many in fear of abandoning the practice.

They are calling on Kenya Wildlife Service to secure the wildlife with electric fence so that they can get bumper harvest.